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ART SGX-Nitro - software and info

SGXNitro - Release 2.5 (June 2004)

A complete librarian editor for the ART SGX-Nitro pre amp.

Features include:
  • Patch editor - Easy to use, supports all effects/parameters.
  • Standard sysex file formats. Save individual patches for use with any MIDI capable software.
  • Manage files and folders in a familiar Windows Explorer interface.
  • MIDI Monitor shows all incoming messages (from any source MIDI device). Open any MIDI message in a patch or hex editor.
  • Request current patch, bulk dump, or all patches (saved to individual sysex patch files).
  • MPT (program->patch mapping table) editor.
  • Print a simple listing of patch parameters (the skeptic's backup!).
  • HTML Help files.
  • It's free.
System requirements:
  • Win9x or Windows 2000 (Also independently verified on XP)
  • Windows compatible Soundcard w/MIDI adapter or dedicated MIDI interface
  • 800x600 min. video resolution for preset editor
  • 2 meg ram or more depending on number of open editors
  • < 1 meg disk space
Click here to download
(unzip it and run it!)

View the editor help files here.

Some links for your jamming pleasure...

from Finland for donating this collection of SGX Nitro factory patches. Sami is the only contributor so far to donate Nitro patches (don't you feel guilty?).
Factory Patches - Bank A (115 patches zipped to 30k)
Factory Patches - Bank B (115 patches zipped to 29k)
Factory Patches - Bank C (115 patches zipped to 28k)
Factory Patches - Bank D (71 patches zipped to 18k)

Hey! Send me some patches! You've got the software now.

Last updated on Tuesday July 9, 2013