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ART SGX2000 Express - software, patches, and info

SGX2000E - Release 4.5 (June 2004)

A Windows based librarian editor for the ART SGX2000 (Original or Express) pre-amp.

Features include:
  • Patch editor - Easy to use, supports all effects/parameters.
  • Standard sysex file formats. Save individual patches for use with any MIDI capable software.
  • Manage files and folders in a familiar Windows Explorer interface.
  • MIDI Monitor shows all incoming messages (from any source MIDI device). Open any MIDI message in a patch or hex editor.
  • Request current patch, bulk dump, or all patches (saved to individual sysex patch files).
  • MPT (program->patch mapping table) editor.
  • Print a simple listing of patch parameters (the skeptic's backup!).
  • HTML Help files.
  • It's free.

System requirements:
  • Win9x or Windows 2000 (Also independently verified on XP)
  • Windows compatible Soundcard w/MIDI adapter or dedicated MIDI interface
  • 800x600 min. video resolution for preset editor
  • 2 meg ram or more depending on number of open editors
  • < 1 meg disk space

Click here to download
(unzip it and run it!)

Selected patches for your jamming pleasure...

I use the X15 controller pedal on mine. So my patches are typically set up to use the right pedal as a volume control. The left one is usually controlling distortion, echo, etc. So this lets you use one patch and transition smoothly from a rhythm to a lead setting.
Black Face Twin My own variation on this one, a good all purpose rhythm patch. This is a factory preset with minor tweaks and performance MIDI added
Twin Reverb Chorus Another factory preset with performance MIDI added, etc. Good workhorse rhythm/lead patch.
China Grove I think I finally got a pretty close sound for this one. See what you think.
Riders On The Storm My band started doing this Doors song a while back. This one's got the tremolo which I fade in and out with the X15 pedal so I can keep it drier during the verses and then soak it during the solos.
Rock Echo A heavier distortion with echo. This one sort of evolved.
Contribution section! Many thanks to those who have shared their efforts here.
You too can join this illustrious list!
Version 1.05 factory patches
Rauley's patches (3 patches zipped to 1k)
Gordon's patches for this new collection which features some interesting patches that make use of the pitch shifter effect. Gordon highlights a few of his patches:
  • Queen of Thirds: A Brian May (Guitarist of Queen) type of sound. A fun jam if you get into a majestic solo.
  • ALL Man Bottom: An octive base patch I used for a Allman Brothers type patterns like in "Whippin Post".
  • Country Poppin: Cleaner type of country lead sound with a bit of a "pop" for liveliness
  • Gordy's 12 String: My tweaked settings for an electric 12 - Byrds style.
  • Big 4th and Empty 5th are pitch transposed harmonies - I have been experimenting with my new ebow.
(8 patches zipped to 2k)
Mitchell's patches and I think you'll find some interesting patches here. I had fun playing with them. There's quite a variety here with some very tasty, moody sounds. According to Mitchell "They may not work on other folk's set ups because I run the SGX split into 4 stereo signals, into a mixer and then through a compressor and an EQ before it goes into a stereo power amp. I also use a Midiverb 4 and a Lexicon effects box but it's nice because the X-15 controls everything." You can also check out some of his recordings here. (47 patches zipped to 12k)
Juan's patches done on an original (pre-express) sgx2000. There are a lot of unique ones here with a variety of sounds. You'll find some nice Satriani, Vai, and SRV emulations plus some neat special effects. I've also included a readme from Juan describing some of the patches and what equipment and settings he uses. (48 patches zipped to 13k)
Frank Marino for his patch that sounds pretty reminiscent of Frank's psycho-Hendrix tone.
Heavy metal Solo for this ballsy patch. Lots of echo, a touch of flange.
Clean Solo Another contribution from Mitja.
Wanna Be Martn who sent this one and says "It's primarily for use as an acoustic guitar emulator and works best with a dual humbucker setup with both pickups switched on. You may have to tweak the output level a bit to get it to your taste, but it works well in a live setting. Let me know what you think."
Version 1.10 factory patches also shared his archive of factory patches from his more-recent-than-mine sgx2000 with version 1.10 software. I haven't digested all of this yet, but there are many "new" patches in Bank A (about the first 50). Maybe I'm the only one who didn't have these, but thanks Chad! The Dallas Heaven patch is quite good. (113k)
Thanks go out to for creating patches from the documentation on Peter Fiala's website (see links page). This anonymous collection previously existed only as a spreadsheet but is now available as patch files. Matt also included several of his own patches.
Excel patches The infamous spreadsheet files. As Matt notes, some of these are debatable as to whether or not they sound like the original artists. But there are some quite good ones nonetheless. (65 patches zipped to 14k)
Matt's patches There are some neat acoustic simulations and tremolo patches. Check 'em out! (11 patches zipped to 3k)

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Hey! Send me some patches! You've got the software now.

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