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These manuals are mirrored here straight from ART's website:


I downloaded this stuff a long time ago from somewhere. It is made available here for your use but comes with no warranty of any kind. I have never used it and wouldn't know much about doing so myself. But others have reportedly had success with it. I have no other firmware available.

This zip file contains versions 1.05 and 1.10 of the firmware. As you may know, ART still makes the updated Express chip available. Unfortunately, they still (as of June 2004) seem to be charging $99 for this update. This was the same price I paid back in 1993. I think they could even agree that's a little steep at this point, especially since a used SGX2000 can be found these days on ebay for about the same price give or take.

If you are looking to upgrade your pre-express unit or simply get the latest version of the firmware you may be able to get help with the services of who has successfully created new eprom chips using this firmware. If you have an older unit (like mine) you may require some surgery on the socket that holds the chip (you need a 32 pin socket, originally they were only 28). Anyway contact Travis and he can advise you and possibly give you a low cost alternative.

X-15 Foot Controller

This zip file contains version 1.07 of the firmware. I have no other information on it so do not know if it works. Use at your own risk.

Last updated on Monday January 10, 2011